08.09.2005 (Tuesday), 07:45 AM

It's Showtime!

< grabbing a handful of pills...slugging them down with swig of bourbon... >

It feels just like "All That Jazz"...I'm Joe Gideon and every day I face the mirror to start the day. Three years ago, I would face the mirror, quickly open my eyes and announce "it's showtime!" to no one in particular.

As the days/weeks/months get longer and end up looking like the previous set of days/weeks/months, it's all I can do to use my thumb and forefinger to force my right eye open and announce, to no one in particular, that it's still "showtime" even though the thrill is long past.

There is no alcohol, meth or coke involved so it's not fueled by that - it's mostly repeating that same thing over and over. Can't chalk it up to boredom either but can't figure out why. Yeah, it's showtime. Again.

Posted by wjc