07.11.2005 (Monday), 08:47 AM

Burning Frustration

..."have you ever heard of sun screen?" - Leslie S. ....

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Of course ultraviolet light can come through the shade....

One nice morning of catching up on the gigantic magazine pile whilst supporting Janet and Maggie at a Palo Alto dog agility trial turned into a painful, frustrating weekend.

I swear I was fully under the canopy the whole time....except maybe to warm my exposed legs when the wind kicked up. No. By noon, they started to turn slightly red. By 2, REALLY red. By the time I got home, from the knees to the ankles, DEEPLY DEEPLY red. I think I cooked my leg of human to medium-well.

OK, so slather on the aloe. Sit back and let it do the work. Fixed dinner. Lay down for a while....felt good on the cool sheets. Attempted to get up and walk....

When I finished picking myself up off the carpet (the roughish kind...adding pain upon pain), I realized that I could not walk. Rather, I couldn't put weight on my legs (mostly my left one) because it felt like someone was trying to peel the skin off my shins without KILLING ME first.

I never thought in a million fucking years that I would be so stupid. I wasted a whole day suffering for being stupid. Couldn't do my Sunday long run because I was so stupid. Was pissed off, frustrated, miserable all because I was stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Posted by wjc