06.30.2005 (Thursday), 07:17 PM

Super Bon Bon

...move aside and let the man go through, let the man go through...

Ever want a morsel so badly that you want it right now, all the time, every second, chase the dragon, hit the crack pipe....goddamn, got to have it NOW! ?

It's the world I've been living in since last week. Waiting, yearning, hoping beyond all hope, frustrated when it doesn't come, wanting it to come but it never does, hoping it comes and how I'll feel when it does and then it doesn't come...around and around...a quick fix of something here and there, energy boost here and there...manic, manic, manic....

Today, I got that morsel. It was sweet delicious satisfying. I do crave more but now realize that waiting is the most delicious part. I feel rich, moist, luxurious, hedonistic, happy, filled with "I-want-to-wash-the-garage" energy....a veritable plate of human seared foie gras with roasted chanterelles, truffles, and pomegranate sauce...but I digress.

Q: Will another morsel come? A: Maybe.

Q: Do I want it to come? A: Definitely.

Q: Will it never come again? A: Not worried about that. Especially now.

Posted by wjc