06.19.2005 (Sunday), 05:53 PM

Just Five Miles

...mock, mock, mock....

Sunday. The urge to run and run long and hard was just sitting there mocking me.

So I took it on. My second five mile attempt was like the first only a little bit easier. A bit of smart running: start slow, build up, a hint of a speed drop and then a push like I was running away from fear, doubt and uncertainty. I got there. Hit five miles in about 54 minutes which was satisfying especially since I beat my previous time.

And to cap it off (and remebering about my solitude of running), a polite duel at the water fountain ("oh no, you go ahead...") got me a comment that I had never heard before from anyone at the gym: "wow, you had quite a workout...". Fumbling with the "lock" switch on the iPod, I heard it on the second pass...

A woman and a very pretty one at that (kind of really my "type" too), fresh off of a stair machine, said it. "I have been here for nearly an hour and it was like you just kept going and going...", she added, "It was amazing".

I thanked her, made a few random comments about bad knees and that I needed to get my distance up....but the ego stroke was in full bloom...'nuff said.

Posted by wjc