06.18.2005 (Saturday), 10:48 AM

Broken Warriors

...the body can take an incredible amount of punishment...

Takeda-sensei is in the area for what has now become a yearly seminar. Since I have a huge-ass party to attend, there was no way possible to hang around and soak up the aikido vibe but I wanted to at least say 'hi'.

While sitting in the parking lot early this morning, I was the only one. Fitting actually, as I chose to not be such a closely linked part of this world.

Cars started to roll in one by one. And out of them came all manner of aikido folks - some I knew; some I didn't. Many of them were limping and looked to be in blissful pain. I know this feeling well. The wounded warriors on their way to salvation. Salvation that I used to drink freely from.

But I'm no longer a part of this world by choice. At some point I preferred solitary...I preferred to not rely on anyone else to push myself to the limit. Selfish? Probably but it's right for me. Do I miss the aikido camraderie? Definitely. I don't miss the aching knees, the banged up feet, the black eyes...the neck with the constant bone-crunch...

Posted by wjc