04.09.2005 (Saturday), 01:54 PM

Grist For The Treadmill

...stop drop and roll, you were dead from the get go...

There's the "treadmill" then there's THE treadmill.

I count myself extremely fortunate to have been a real fucking fat ass three years ago and to be smacked hard into being way more healthy and now, I run 2-4 times a week...

Today...forgot the knee braces and was too stubborn to drive back home to get 'em and decided that I deal with any pain with NSAID's, damn the stomach upset and/or kidney damage. 3.5 miles at a 11:00 per mile pace was the next rung on the ladder. At about one mile, I start to not care a whole lot about anything except keeping my legs moving so I start counting songs.

I try and stay away from clocks when I run because I'll start to obsess about time so the iPod keeps time via song length. I don't know how many really passed - I just know that the well-placed Slipknot or Motley Crue song is a pleasant if not STOOPID diversion - but I pluck the towel covering the timers and mileage/calories/pace counters and BAM! I'm already at 3.77 miles. Little effort brings big payoff and I get to 4.0 with nary another cuppa sweat. The knees? Just like the run never happened...sweet.

Posted by wjc