04.08.2005 (Friday), 10:41 PM

Bazooka Joe's

...just one more Big Black reference for Meriko...

I don't really care what the food critics, hacks and pundits say about how terribly fucking old school Original Joe's is...they can all stick their collective tongues up my ass.

After driving around craving bistro or brasserie and getting fucking NOWHERE...putting up with the cunts in Santana Row (gotta real love/hate thing with that fake piece of property - they've got some real interesting restaurants but the people that inhabit the place during the weekend are the worst kinds of tourists....), I give up, hit the gas literally and now crave counter space where I can read the local alterna-papers and just eat at my own pace.

Enter Original Joe's. Got a counter. Got an open kitchen. Got the food. Good, basic Italian food but really they span all ranges of fare. I get a seat (not the window one but right next to it), get a glass of chianti and a large hunk of french bread...now we're (ahem) cooking. I'm running tomorrow before Jan comes home and any kind of meat is going to weigh me down.

Enter a waiter who starts off badly (but more than makes up for it as he goes...tonight's comeback kid...) but eggplant parmesan and a side of steamed vegetables it is. Joe's eggplant parmesan is a work of genius and NOW they're putting fava beans into their steamed vegetables. So one really, really hellaciously cranky guy is actually now holding a polite conversation with Mr. Window Seat (who is from out of town but we're just talking about Joe's food - he's got a Joe's Special...) and feeling pretty happy.

Mop up the sauce, kill the rest of the favas and bread...I have eaten way too much...gimme the bill...tip well...Mr. Waiter is a gem by now....a quick handshake and I'm off. Feels real good to not care about the past month of mind-numbing work for a brief moment.

Posted by wjc