01.21.2005 (Friday), 07:04 AM

Freshly Wired

well beyond food coma...

Wireless. Amazing.

The annual trek to NAMM is in full-swing. Really, I promised myself not to attend this year after last year's debacle (which was just BAD on so many levels) but here I am in an East Hollywood Starbucks with a day pass.

Les and I went to his new fave place called Tokio and I was treated to a very nice and delicious birthday dinner. We ate a prodigous amount of food - all of it custom created for us. He's a regular at this place: has his own chopsticks, coaster and other stuff that they keep for him behind the counter. Our chef just kept giving us dish after dish of Japanese-affected-nouvelle-down-home creations. It was fantastic and I felt sorry for the folks who only had the menu to console them...not that the menu was bad or anything, we just had SO much more.

Confidential to shock: it was off the HEEEZY! Word.

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