01.27.2005 (Thursday), 06:27 AM



On Saturday, just 12 hours back from NAMM, boom! I get sick for the first time in a real long time. It felt like flu or food poisoning and I was whacked for the entire day. That's not at all the interesting part though...

I climbed (back) into bed about 11 am clearly not able to stand for more than about a minute without feeling like throwing up. Oh I knew something was in full swing by other symptoms but that's all I'll say about that.

I drifted in and out of sleep for the better part of 10 hours but my brain seemed to be going a million miles per hour the whole time. Here's what it felt like:

My brain decided that it had a whole bunch of projects that it had to figure out NOW! Let's just say that there were 18 different woodworking projects that involved measuring (measure twice, cut once!) and assembly. At one point, I felt like my brain was skipping from project to project trying to grok measurements, not understanding them fully, getting frustrated and going on to the next with the same results. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This went on for hours (much to my growing consternation) and seemed to be pretty exhausting. Around 9 pm, my brain FINALLY figured one project out - literally working through it, visualizing the cuts and assembly and finish. The sense of RELIEF was astounding. A minute later...the second project: done. A few minutes later....well, you get the picture.

By 10 pm, I figured out the 18th project and just like that I felt totally normal, I could stand up, walk around, drink water and generally feel well. Extremely tired but well. I have had fevers that built and broke with the similar results but NEVER in conjunction with an hours-long, brain-twisting exercise.

It was like I was in one of those corny Star Trek:The Next Generation episodes where one of the main characters caught some strange-o virus from some sort of veiled genital contact with a foxy/handsome alien that made them act out in abnormal albeit interesting ways. I mean, my brain chose wood for some reason but next time I'd hope for more of the same with, perhaps, a different grade of wood....

Posted by wjc