12.28.2004 (Tuesday), 01:49 AM


there is nothing that can be done...it is over...

I finally got the chance to catch up on the ultra-good NHK year-long drama called Shinsengumi.

The historical drama is set in the mid-1800's and deals with Japan's transition from a Shogunate-based government to a more modern one. The Shinsengumi are pressed into service for the Shogun and when the Shogun is relieved of his duties, guess what happens to the Shinsengumi?

I knew the story so I knew what the outcome will (would) be. The last five episodes (which I watched today) were a real downer as things for Kondo Isami's group of men are going to shit in a real fast and bad way. Lots of needless or unfortunate deaths, lots of grieving, lots of darkness. If there ever was a time to see this segment of this program, it would be today which was dark and cold with rain, sometimes pounding it's way onto our roof.

As I watched the fifth episode of the day (episode #46) and finally was current with the aired episodes, I was struck by a few lines spoken by Kondo, "the age of swords and spears seems to be over and future battles will be fought with guns and cannons...is this what the world is coming to?". We're WELL beyond that, Kondo-dono, well beyond that.

Posted by wjc