12.19.2004 (Sunday), 11:43 PM

Open Seasoning

because that's just what we do, that's why....

The first of several dinners is under our belts and was quite a success. I had my former manager Afshin and his lovely girlfriend over for a long-awaited dinner. The overall theme seemed to be rooted in Country French but had an English ending. The night ended up being "An Evening At The Races, A Culinary Channel Swim: country French to classic English". The menu:

  App: Roasted Vegetable Tian, Parmesean Tuille, Leek Relish
  Salad: Mint and Arugula Salad, House Viniagrette
  Main: Wild Mushroom Ragout, Lamb Stuffed Del Toro Pepper
  Dessert: "Tea and Crumpets"
    (Mango Tea Infused Pot au Creme with Meringue "crumpets")

Lots of this was done ahead of time so lots of time for "fancy" plating.

The outcome: four friends, completedly sated.

Posted by wjc