12.31.2004 (Friday), 03:23 PM

Here It Ends...

...and really, it is good that it's finally over?

The past 10 days has been a nice break but the world is still in the same situation and even worse. Hell in a handbasket doesn't even come close. Staying informed doesn't help - doesn't even come close. The newspaper, the radio and television news...not a chance. Apathy, fear and loathing had long since set in. Bush and his crew are doing what they do best - filling their pockets and trying to change the country into a place where almighty God rules all. Bah. There's very little to look forward to in the coming year as it's just going to be more of the same. The fight goes on but psychic breaks build up over time and can be the deal breaker. It's a depressing way to end 2004 and an equally stunted way to begin the new year.

Posted by wjc