12.26.2004 (Sunday), 10:35 PM

Dinner Numero Dos

...hot water, lemon juice and three (!!) teaspoons of cayenne...drink until hotter...

Dave and his lovely wife Katherine finally made it down from their Winnipeg digs and the second night of cook-o-mania was ON. Carol also joined us for the festivities and we had:

- cotswold and granioxta cheeses, chicken "pate"
- cream of wild mushroom soup
- mustard crusted beef tenderloin with hollandaise
- wild rice with currants and pecans
- poached baby carrots
- dried apple and pear bread pudding with meyer lemon hard sauce
- a 1991 AND a 1999 cabernet

Lots of happy eating noises, lots of recounting old glories, stories and work revelry/frustrations (Dave worked for me at Rearden Steel/MOXI.). Katherine was a bit under the weather but the soup seemed to pick her up but we all made it an early evening yet still went the distance. Dave and Katherine will be around for a few more days but we'll probably just have to bid him adieu until next time.

Posted by wjc