11.28.2004 (Sunday), 10:12 PM


food that is....

The last few days represents the food season for us. Starting with:

- Wednesday: fresh crab, green onion slab bread, a bottle of 1990 (yes, that's right, 1990) Mount Eden Chardonnay, a trifecta of sauces (spicy remoulade, herbed cream, dijon aioli). The Chardonnay, by the way, was fucking excellent and whites don't often age quite that well.

- Thursday: I was sous-chef for a friend of mine. Meriko's Thanksgiving dinner was a great success. You can read about it here and check out the maple-chipotle sauce I did on the fly via the recipe I wrote for her....

- Friday: leftover day: Meriko's turkey, savory bread pudding, timpano, salad....

- Saturday: crab latkes (crab from Wednesday, shredded onions, potatoes, egg, seasoning...thick-formed and shallow fried until GBD "Golden Brown And Delicious"), jalapeno-cheese cornbread, large salad, brownie wedge with coffee ganache.

- Sunday: Janet's refrgerator chili: we had a nice piece of linguica in the fridge so she worked her magic on it (hey now...she was cooking!). Chili, salad and leftover corn bread from the night before.

And finally, in planning stages for this week and month (invitations forthcoming for some of these...):
- Tom's annual Winter party.
- Les is coming to eat matzoh balls, chicken soup and Carnegie deli fare.
- Dave B. is coming with his family from Canada for a beef-fest.
- Timo and Hilari for a five-course with lamb racks.
- A mochi-making party for Kay, Hiromi and other friends.
- Chips and fresh clam dip.

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