10.26.2004 (Tuesday), 08:56 AM

John Peel, R.I.P.

< sigh >

To add even more to this fucking shitty, dreary two months of slog of work and more work and wondering and waiting comes this truly sad news. John Peel, BBC DJ extraordinaire passed away this past weekend of a heart attack.

I listened to John Peel on the BBC streaming feeds on a regular basis. I could always count on him for witty and low-key banter in a grumpy old man kind of way.

But it started much before that. When I was about 17 or so, I discovered tape trading and found a guy named George Belden who lived in the Midwest who had literally 30 pages of single-spaced, double-sided tape listings. Nearly everything that had the name "Peel" or "Peel Sessions" in it, I bought. I still have those tapes and they're beaten to shit from overuse but they still play and are still as vibrant now as they were then.

This (plus buying month old copies of New Musical Express and Melody Maker) became my sole reason for listening to music at that time. The UK was where it was AT, man...and getting to hear taped-off-the-air John Peel was the absolute highlight.

Fuck. John Peel and Greg Shaw (BOMP! founder) early last week. As my friend Les just wrote me, "the world is going down the shitter, I give up".

Yeah, second that.

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