09.01.2004 (Wednesday), 10:17 PM

The Usual

ain't nothing like consistency...

Well, following usual form, grieving via Brutal lasted 30 or so days. Albert's remains rest comfortably in a real nice hardwood wood box at home. The sadness is fading but there isn't a day that goes by without thinking of him.

That aside, things have been interesting if not downright good. We're planning mini-vacations, giving hearty "fuck-you's" to deserving co-workers and not caring a whole bunch about anything that doesn't bring us pleasure and/or happiness.

We're on the move via car, motorcycle and bikes. Hell, we may even walk as well. Maggie has become a semi-constant travelling companion and we're glad to have her along because she travels very well. She rediscovered how much she likes being at the beach although she's kind of baffled by sea anemones but really (I mean REALLY) likes big clumps of seaweed. As for me, I like tidepooling...

Co-worker wise...there's one person who I would like to send off with a hearty "fuck-you, I hope to never have to deal with you again". You deserve every word of it you sanctimonious son-of-a-bitch. Of all the pains in my ass, you're the one who I have enjoyed the most getting rid of.

The distance between work and personal life is expanding and that ultimately makes me happy. Overall, I care just a little bit less and on some things I care a WHOLE LOT less. It makes for a great rush of sanity and calm. I now don't just leave my work shit at the front door of my home - I leave it the moment I close and lock my office door. Heh. Throwing my badge into the glove compartment of my car with just enough velocity to make it clatter and bounce around has become an important daily ritual. Liberating. After all (in the words of Mitch, one of my ex-managers), "it's just work".

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