07.18.2004 (Sunday), 08:51 PM

Being Ben Fong-Torres

KSAN where for art thou...

Jan and I are house hunting. Sick and pretty damn tired of suburbia, we think we're heading for San Francisco. Or course, house prices here are insane so we're trying not to break the bank.

Still, we saw a place in the Glen Park district on Diamond St. - an incredible Victorian with 9 rooms, spectacular views, and other goodies. There were some oddities ala Winchester Mystery House, like a bathroom at the bottom of a staircase..."oh, excuse me, don't get up...I was just looking for the garage...". Still, very, VERY nice and pretty freakin' expensive to boot. $1.3 million...sigh.

So were oggling the place and I hear the realtor introducing someone..."oh, this is Ben Fong-Torres and his wife...". And this is as I round the corner to where the Man himself is standing.

< For those who don't already know, Ben Fong-Torres is a pretty famous guy, at least rock radio and rock critic-wise...and especially in San Francisco. He's written for Rolling Stone and a bunch of other publications, I think he's written a couple of books and whatnot... >

So, I got all fan-boy right at that moment and said something stupid like "wow, are you REALLY Ben Fong-Torres???!!" And it was true. Introductions all around...mentioned that I used to listen to him on KSAN (legendary 70's SF rock radio station) and he said..., "well, that was about 32 years ago...". Damn, I AM that old. Sigh.

So, I'm still not sure if it was Mr. Fong-Torres who owned this fine piece of property (in which case I wanted to ask him what was up with the bathroom at the bottom of the staircase...) or if he and his wife were house hunting too. In which case, he probably is way more qualified (financially) to buy the house.

We beat a hasty retreat out of there if only to avoid me embarassing myself further...wow, it really WAS Ben Fong-Torres...

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