05.13.2004 (Thursday), 12:41 AM

More Blah Than Blah

the great communicator...blah.

BTW...I saw *that* video clip tonight. It was very brutal and on the extreme end of surrealistic. My film professor (Dr. Chess) always said that the difference between a movie and a film was that a true film reflected absolute and pure reality. From that perspective, this thing made Triumph Of The Will look like The Little Mermaid.

I guess the only saving grace (if it can *even* have any of that) is that the audio and video was out-of-sync by a good bit but with the audio in the lead. So you knew what was happening before you saw the visual which I thought was even more visually disturbing than the content as a whole. At some point, the thing just goes silent and all you see is the trophy head being held aloft. About that time, I expected to see big Dali-like pocket watches melting off tree branches...


Posted by wjc