05.14.2004 (Friday), 10:01 AM

From The Brutal Mailbag...

letters, oh we get letters...

Dear wm.:
Why did you feel compelled to watch *that* video?
M. Barson
Bellingham, WA

I believe that reality offers both good and bad and I prefer to know both sides no matter how extraordinary or gruesome.

I don't think *that* video offered me any extra insight into the situation over there so I didn't watch it. What did it offer you?
H. Keller
Ogden, UT

It didn't offer me anything. I didn't find any higher truth in it. But I wouldn't have really known that until I actually saw it.

Dear sick FUCK:
You pandering ASSHOLE! Do you really get your kicks by watching that kind of stuff? You must be the lowest form of human life posible [sic] and should be forced to watch *that* video over an [sic] over until you puke your guts out.
L. Sherwood
Anaheim, CA

Thanks for sharing. You are certainly entitled to your opinion however repeated viewings would only serve to further numb me. As for the asshole part...guilty as charged.

Posted by wjc