04.06.2004 (Tuesday), 08:36 PM

World Record

Mr. Barnum will see you now...

Appalling. All work and no play make Homer something, something...

So, my pretties. How's tricks? Up to your ass in wetwork? Yeah, well, get in line.

Watching the Sopranos the other night made me realize that there is much more then merely watching television. One must participate to get the full flavor of it. So, I decided that hiding all of my cash in the bird feeder in my car was the way to go. Since I have been on a 12-step for a couple of months, I decided to break with tradition and drink a fifth of vodka. And my bitch? Decided to smack her around a bit after I suspected that she was blowing my boss...

All kidding aside, the norms have been pretty frickin' normal. Hopefully, I'll be in Japan in about a month and back to what really makes me sing and hum along like a good little boy.

The chance to see good friends and the possibility of a big score (in oh so many ways that I couldn't possibly begin to describe here) is always motivating. The weather should be nice or at least smack in the middle of the oppressive rainy season which will test the mettle of any traveller. Actually, I don't mind any season there...it's enough to actually be there let alone worry about having to change clothing 2-3 times a day. Sweat lodges are a pale second.

Bobby and Annie are now in the land I love and I wish them well and I miss them very much. They are on an adventure that I crave but will never take. Well, at least not in that exact same way. But I always have IM and can "see" them at a moment's notice which is very cool. They rule nonetheless.

As far as daylight saving time changes go, the folks that invented this gross imposition on my sleep patterns can stick their tongue far up my ass.

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