02.16.2004 (Monday), 08:56 PM

And So It Goes...

food glorious food

Other than being an old-time remberance by Mr. Nick Lowe, this thing of mine (mi cosa nostra!) just keeps on like clockwork. The only problem is that the clock works like no others and skips large patches of time.

Mid-January: Battled the forces of corporate finance evil and mostly won but still will wince at the mention of the phrase "out of policy notice".

Late-January: Huh?

Early February: Double-huh? Jan was in New York for the Westminster Dog Show but brought me food from the Carnegie Deli.

Mid- February: 17 years of wedded bliss and the potential to move to one of the following locations and in relative possibility order:
- San Francisco (look out, Meriko!)
- Oakland
- Tokyo
- Manhattan
Well, you could switch number two and three, actually. More details as our story breaks...

Now onto the bliss portion of our program: Jan and I were married on February 14th which makes flowers and reservations a bit difficult if proper planning isn't done. And this year was no exception: Planning? What planning?

We ended up having dinner at home which consisted of:
- fresh blini, golden caviar, goat cheese and frisee
- seared foie gras with nectarines, truffles and a calvados reduction
- sautéed duck breast with hazelnut-mint pesto
- Vahlrona chocolate mousse with vanilla creme anglaise
Yeah, and we had poached eggs with truffles the next morning, so there!

I am still picking out shrapnel from my "diet" out of my waistline. Ahem. Basically a two day fest of food and sex - you only get to hear about the sex...er, food part. Works for me.

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