01.15.2004 (Thursday), 05:42 AM

Who The Fuck Are You I Don't Care

can isolation really be that bad?

So...here in sunny Anaheim, it's all show and no go. Just minutes into this once-coveted tradeshow, I get jacked and have to make a foray into anonymity. And fading into the woodwork is fraught with doubt. The coolkids have not told me a thing because the attitude at this thing I call work is one of contrived apathy based on "finding your own way". Fuck that. Sharing information is part of what makes a team, goddammit. But very few people here know the meaning of THAT. Pathetic. So with that in mind, slipping into anonymity has just a bit more of an edge because in my world, I WILL tell you to go fuck yourself regardless of my desire to remain off of everyone's radar. Fortunately, that hasn't happened. Yet.

Posted by wjc