01.15.2004 (Thursday), 11:43 PM


bad suits, bad breath, bad ass...

Last year, I spent two days walking around NAMM (look it up, I'm too tired to tell you...) and every 20 feet, I got hellacious wood over some piece of music gear or software. Certainly made it difficult to walk at times. My mantra was "gotta have that, gotta have that...". This year? Vastly different story...since I don't actually have the time to enjoy the craft of making music (or just merely screwing around with the little doo-dads I have in my possession to make noise), why the heck should I want ANY of this stuff? So I spent the day saying, "don't need that, don't need that...". There are too many guys in bad suits...the music industry's gear wing is just as jaded and creepy as the rest of the industry. Oh, and in the "drum" hall? Man, avoid like the plague...unless someone is giving away free drumsticks.

Posted by wjc