01.02.2004 (Friday), 05:46 PM

Magnum's Secret Desire

...now you can run to your heart's content...

Today, at about 4 pm Pacific time, Gypsy (aka Magnum's Secret Desire) passed away. Gypsy was our second dog and our most obedient. I say that not because she was perfect in every way but because she tried really hard to be the best at keeping us happy.

She tried equally hard to keep on living and, in a sense, beat all of the odds against her. Almost 4 years ago, Gypsy was diagnosed with arrhythmia and was given 9 to 12 months to live. Although she prevailed with the help of scads of drugs, her will was what got her to today.

I had a feeeling that this would be the day however. She had not been eating, she could barely walk and just seemed to be not enjoying much of anything. Our vet Dr. Bibb confirmed what I had suspected; her heart was failing quickly. We made the decision to end her suffering and send her to her next life.

As we drove away from the hospital, the severely rainy sky cleared, there was a nice rainbow following us home and off to the west, the start of a gorgeous sunset. Coincidence? Probably, but what if it were her way of saying "I made it, please don't worry anymore." I'm not much for that kind of feeling but somehow this one seemed right.

Dogs hold no malice. No forethought. No envy. No jealousy. They are pure creatures living for the moment without regard to the next. There is something vital in how they live from which to learn.

Posted by wjc