01.16.2004 (Friday), 10:20 PM

Birthday Business Trip

so help me, never again...but maybe next year...

Yesterday was my birthday. I really don't give a rip about birthdays, my age or any of that happy bullshit. It is just another day, thank you very much. However, there is one thing that I do care about WRT to my "special" day: being home to enjoy my ordinary day. What the FUCK was I thinking going on a biz trip on this ordinary day? So...it's not all bad as I am blessed with wonderful friends who send me email wishing me a happy birthday or actually take me out to dinner. Les and I went to Sushi Ike (one hell of a great sushi bar, at Hollywood and Gower) and caused much carnage. We just like food, is all. And tonight, Sairam and I got it on at Sushi Kokyo in Century City. Yeah, it sounds real LA-cliche to eat sushi two nights in a row but who am I to argue with being offered to dine and sup with my friends to celebrate my birthday. Have I got the greatest friends or what?

Posted by wjc