12.08.2003 (Monday), 06:25 PM

Redesign The Whole World...

忘れない (wasurenai = never forget)

So...you've noticed a change in Brutal, no?

I suppose one doesn't go for nearly two months of radio silence without having an excuse for it. And this one is as good as any of the other even if it's not really true. The other range from being hammered at work (and not in the alcohol-fueled way either...), not being particularly inspired by much of anything in the world, severely depressed, to busy to break out of the work-eat-sleep cycle...take your pick. They all have some element of truth to them.

Along the way, I happened upon the Give Your Meat blog (kept by the fabulous Renfield who happens to live in Japan as I would like to do someday) and I really truly dug the design as well as the writing. So much so that Brutal now looks kind of like that too. Except it's still black and I'm still me. Sort of. (Check out Give Your Meat though...it's truly faboo...it's in the Blogs links at the right ---->)

It's not like I haven't been writing either though (that'll hopefully never change), I just chose not to publish those entries until now (see them below). There are many realizations that have happened in the past two months that are now shaping how I view and deal with the world. You may notice these changes or not depending on you POV and how well you know me.

My focus at the moment is getting fluent in Japanese as soon as possible due to some circumstances that I wish to have happen which I can't really outline here for some pretty compelling reasons. Needless to say, they're important to my growth in all manner of ways. And besides, it's been 20+ years worth of on-and-off study so it's about goddamn time I got some bang for my buck(s). Or is that book(s).

As usual, there are no guarantees to any of this as there are no guarantees with just about anything that is worth a damn these days. Passion for me is equal parts of wobble/lack of confidence and all-out rabid, driving behaviour to get exactly-what-the-fuck-I-want. Not what I NEED but what I WANT. Given that that changes on a regular basis, all bets are OFF. No guarantees, right? Right.

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