12.19.2003 (Friday), 11:44 PM

Manhattan Friday

Dressed to the gills....or something

So a while back, some workmates of mine and I were talking about the corporate world and their concept of "dress-down" Friday. How quaint. Since working in the computer industry it's "dress-down" EVERYDAY, it would sound really stupid to say "dress-up" Friday so we decided that "Manhattan Friday" would be better and also a great excuse to drink Manhattans for lunch.

Well...today was the day. I just got my Brooks Brothers custom-fitted dark-grey pinstripe suit back from being altered to fit my now-shrunken girth (or lack thereof) and decided to do it up in style. My friend Meriko and I had arranged this a week earlier and she dressed to the nines as well.

We found ourselves taking the ultra-sexy-mobile (my car, new Audi TT...heh) to Helios for lunch so we could:

1) Be seen
2) Drink Manhattans
3) Ogle at her kid-leather black boots...(er, yeah...that would be solely my department...ahem...)
4) Eat oysters
5) Drink some more

It was...in a word: SWANK.

We had a great time and I had an even better time trying to convince my co-workers at a 2 pm meeting after lunch that I really wasn't as drink and I thunk I was...

Posted by wjc