11.04.2003 (Tuesday), 10:24 PM

eBay or not...

MoMusu mania deshou...!

OK, I went nuts. I discovered (duh) that there were people on eBay selling Morning Musume goods. Honestly, it never occurred to me but there you go.

In the space of 5 days, I snarfed 15 MoMusu items and ate up more of my auction play money. But I'm getting several concert programs, some cellphone trinkets, a set of ID badges (yikes! how geeky is THAT?) and a limited edition fan club set of 3" CDs with a song and message from each of MoMusu version 3 (!).

And to top it off, I beat the same guy over and over and over again so by the time it came to the tenth item (of a thirteen item night), I was fully into beating the guy and ended up with some stuff I could have passed on...darn (heh). I understand from a previous conversation with folks who do corporate out-of-business auction is that people get caught up in the spirit of competition and will bid over an item's value just to beat the other guy. Um, nope...that didn't happen here at all. Much.

Posted by wjc