09.03.2003 (Wednesday), 11:00 PM

Thunderstorm Cubans

wafting smoke and dive-bombing mosquitoes...

On this last night, we ate at a highly recommended El Jardin Del Eden (The Garden Of Eden). Before leaving for dinner, we decided to get a drink at that hotel bar. Right about then, a pretty gigantic thunder and lightning storm rolled in and we watched nature's fireworks light up the bay and rock the hills. It was very, very cool. It as still rolling through as we arrived to dinner. El Jardin's dining room is also outdoors (covered, natch) and provided a nice end to our time in Tamarindo. Our dessert? Since Cuban cigars are not illegal in Costa Rica, we bought one and decided to indulge in a pastime that had long since disappeared from our radar.

When cigars became all the rage a few years ago, I had already been smoking one every other week pretty regularly. (Jan and I would share one over a glass of single martl out on the back porch as well...) There is a lot of fetish wrapped up with the act of smoking a cigar which I'll save for another time....suffice it to say that I do enjoy one now and then. All of the over-hyped cigar-o-mania really turned me off, however, and I decided that I had had enough and quit altogether.

Tonight was different. The weather and the trip demanded a bit of celebration. We had the boogies boarding, the lightning, the dinner and now a nightcap to put it to bed. We sat and talked for a long time. In between pulls on a fine Romeo Y Juliet Corona, we had time to reflect. Nice.

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