09.17.2003 (Wednesday), 08:13 AM


...say what?

Happy-Sad. That about sums it up. (It's also a great Pizzacato Five song but I digress...)

Albert is getting back to his old self and is starting to do the stuff he used to do. The fact that he now only has one eye has barely made a dent in his day-to-day so that's really good. He's running into things but for the most part he's a happy boy. As long as he gets his treats and his naps. Those are very important. Or so he would have us think. He gets his stitches taken out this coming Monday and then we can finally wash his face which, at this point, is pretty stinky. Imagine if you didn't wash your face for 2 1/2 weeks. 'Nuff said.

So that's good. I'm feelng much better about him and how he's dealing but there has been a nauseating rollercoster effect that I have been feeling for the past several days. Sometimes, things are great, couldn't-be-better. Other times, I just want to snuff it. It's probably just a bit of depression creeping in-hopefully it will be just a passing thing. The lows seems to be extrodinarily low - haunting, tearing, smothering desperation. Bah, it sucks. Today? Not so bad but then I have diversions...

Like Meriko's birthday party this past Saturday. She and Russell bought a new house in San Francisco and it's very nice. So (without Janet in tow...she stayed home to watch the boy...), I motored up there, had some cocktails (made by the Bar Bitch for the evening...Alex), some good cheese and a few laughs. It was fun and nice to see folks I had not seen in a while...

It's time again for some sweeping changes in my life. Funny how those nigh-on-tragic things can get you to really reflect on what is important and not so important. I can't put a lot of stock into blissful states at the moment as they seem to obscure things that need attention. Now that reality has me snapped-to, a simplification (personal life and work, 'natch) is long overdue. That will be the task for the rest of the month.

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