09.02.2003 (Tuesday), 11:00 PM


Hmmmm...more tasty fish...

Day Five of Bill and Jan in Costa Rica

We took a sea kayaking trip early this morning with Peter from Iguana Surf and paddled our way for two hours through thickets of cool mangrove trees in the Playa Langosta estuary. (Jan will be putting up some pictures from this part of the trip later next week.) Since we left at 6 am, the air was cool and water calm. We made it back in time for breakfast.

This was kind of a lazy day. I was pretty wiped out from the surfing experiences yesterday and Sunday. Jan turned into "bug girl" as all of the insects liked her best. (I escaped with exactly three mosquito bites; she had,,,well, too many to count.) We could see that it was going to be a rainy afternoon so we thought it would be nice to walk on the beach in the rain. So we set out.

It was around lunch so we were also looking for food. We stopped a place we had read about called the Nogui Bar but then spotted the diminutive Pedro's next door. Nogui looked safe. Pedro's looked...well, ransacked. We chose Pedro's. Upon asking for a menu, we were told "no menu, but we have...." and the woman proceeded to recite all of the day's specials all having to do with what they caught that morning. Yikes! We were on our way!

I ordered whole fried red snapper; Jan ordered whole fried sea bass. What arrived from the kitchen ten minutes later were two of the best looking and tasting fish ever. Rice, plantains and vegetables rounded out the plate. We tucked in as it started to rain.

What a meal. The fish were just a pile of sucked-dry bones when we were done. The plates were just a "being-in-the-privacy-of-our-dining-room" length away from being licked clean. Beer and water were quaffed and lots of pleased groans made us sound like we were rutting on top of the tables like crazed monkeys...wait a minute, those were crazed monkeys. The total damage? $11 for both. Like I said, criminally inexpensive...

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