09.03.2003 (Wednesday), 11:30 PM

Horseback Boogie


Day Six of Bill and Jan in Costa Rica

We contracted with the hotel to arrange for a horseback tour of the countryside with a woman named Donna who lived in the nearby town of Santa Rosa. Up at eight, Donna met us and took us to where five of her horses had stayed the night.

The ride was fantastic. Over two hours of riding the terrain through tall grass, muddy trails, open spaces. Lots of wildlife: butterflies, howler monkeys, gigantic wasps... And since Donna was grew up in our area, we had extra to chat about whilst loping through the bush. We made it to her house in Santa Rosa and chilled for a bit before she drove us back to the hotel. You will not find a nicer person or better horseback tour than her...

Jan was determined to rent a boogie board and learn how to use it. Since I already had some skill, I was enthusiastic to show that I COULD do something useful on a board-like object in the water... We went out for what I thought would be an hour but that stretched into three while Jan and I caught some frighteningly good waves for just after low tide. Several times Jan rode all the way onto the beach, each time depositing a shovelful of sand into her bathing suit. I had a blast as I finally was proficient at something related to waves...

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