09.01.2003 (Monday), 11:00 PM

El Pescador

Hmmmmm, tasty fish...

On our way out to dinner, we stopped at the front desk to change some money. There was a huge crab that was skittering around underneath a parked taxi. The taxi driver didn't want to run it over and was frantically trying to shoo it out of harm's way. Also watching this strange tableau were a couple from Seattle named Robert and Cathy. They had just arrived and struck up a conversation with us about where to eat dinner. We suggested the hotel restaurant (it is very, very good) but said that if you wandered around enough, you could find a bunch of different things. We told them that we were going to El Pescador which was a fish place down the road a pace that we had heard was good. I suppose we should have just invited them along but seeing that they just arrived, we felt that they wanted to check things out on their own.

We walked down to El Pescador and the place was deserted but open. We took a seat and started perusing the menu. Just after we ordered drinks, Robert and Cathy wandered in. Being the friendly people we rarely are...we invited them to join us. (Now the last time we did something like this was when we were in Jamaica. We invited a nice looking couple to our table and it ended up a disaster. Who were we to know that we had invited a shy, ultra-right-wing, Southern newly-wed couple to join us in a few spirited rounds of get-to-know-liberals-at-their-finest-Bill-and-Jan? I think they excused themselves separately to "use the restroom" in an "eat-it-and-beat-it" stylee and never returned...we were crushed, ok, not really...)

More drinks were ordered, food likewise and the party commenced! We found out at dinner that they were from Seattle (ok, a pretty liberal town...a good sign), that Robert was a semi-geeky-computer guy (heh, just like me....this is getting good)and that we were in Costa Rica for pretty much the same things (no matter how banal the subject matter, we preceeded them by two days and had plenty to talk about...alright, now were rollicking...).

The incredibly good and criminally inexpensive food arrived (shrimp, lobster, scallops...yum) and we talked our collective asses off. I tend to be kind of a motor mouth and Robert had the same tendencies (he said the next day that his wife told him that we wouldn't want to hang out with them again because he "talked my ear off last night"...) so we had a good time. Some wayward mariachis wandered in and the bass guitar player kept trying to convince me that I wanted to hear Besame Mucho by singing the first few lines over and over and over again...I was the token "white-guy-who-knew-just-enough-Spanish-to-be-dangerous" and was tagged for the week...

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