08.07.2003 (Thursday), 10:47 PM

Posting And Not Waiting

I'm convinced that procrastination is um, well...oh I'll tell you next week...

Finally got the chance to actually "publish" a bunch of stuff that has been clogging Brutal for the past two weeks. Why I waited is a mystery. Suffice it to say that it just tuned out that way.

This week (as with last) is beginning to look very positive and I was able to say to Meriko (my steady Thursday lunch date) that "things were going very well". She looked at me with astonishment and told me that she had never heard that string of words out of my mouth...a pretty nice compliment, if you ask me.

We had a blast at lunch as we have missed the last three weeks due to vacations (mine and hers) and a work emergency last week. It was very nice to catch up and if there is one person who can convince me to get of my hinder and publish those old moldy posts that have been sitting in the Brutal "drafts" box, it's Meriko. Thanks...and you rule!

So have at it and scroll down. No guarantee that it'll be so bountiful but at least I pressed the button(s).

Posted by wjc