08.30.2003 (Saturday), 11:30 PM

Guatemala And The Guevarra Syndrome

Viva liberacion!

Day Two of Bill and Jan in Costa Rica

Remember I said three and a half legs to get to Tamarindo? We spent the hours between 4:30 am and 5:30 am in Guatemala City, Guatemala because that's how things go. That made it really difficult to get any amount of sleep on the 11 pm flight outta L.A. last night. OK, I got some. Jan got more.

Anyway you slice it, sleeping on a plane just sucks. When they announced that "security personnel" would be boarding the plane to search carry-on baggage and check passports, I thought they'd start playing inspirational tapes of that dude who used to run Panama (under US-supported rule...for a while...when it was convenient...if he didn't step out of line...as long as he kept selling smack...oh, you get the picture already...).

Fortunately, no one bothered to look under my seat even though I was carrying a submachine gun (kidding...you wacky Office Of Homeland Security guys...) and a kilo of high-grade coke (ditto...yeah, like I'd get EITHER of these things past the gate guards...). We were on our merry way...

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