08.12.2003 (Tuesday), 07:38 PM

But There IS A Plan...

...be careful what you wish for

Haw. Short of actually getting the last laugh, I dealt out payback in spades yesterday. Yeah, yeah, the karma credit card has a charge on it with this one but hopefully the "finance" charge won't be too severe...

A guy that I deal with was bitching to me a while ago about how the people he works with really suck and that he wondered which asshole made the decision to put them in that position.

Well, the fact is that those people *don't* suck and are doing their jobs well and that *I* am the asshole that put them there.

So he insisted that the situation was untenable and that I (the asshole) should do something about it. So I did. Or rather, those people got fed up with his bullshit did and took control their own fate. I was only too glad to back them up...

All of this science was dropped on the doorstep (images of flaming bags of dog poop are suddenly entering my mind...) of this person yesterday and what was the reaction? Complete surprise and concern that I was making the wrong move and that it would be detrimental to his life. And then the bitching started in reverse.

Without over complicating it, this guy got what he wished for but has now figured out that it wasn't at all what he wanted and now wants a "do-over". Heh, not fucking likely. For the moment, I'm supremely content to bask in the wake of his misery which he is now creating by trying to gain support for his "position" which of course is now 180 degrees opposite of a few weeks ago. The sad thing is that he did the same thing a few weeks ago (in the opposite direction) so can you say, "loss of credibility"? I knew that you could.

Posted by wjc