07.25.2003 (Friday), 05:32 PM

Wow! That's Almost As Big As My Husband's!

um, that would be in the butt, Bob...

We trundled over to the Westward Ho to make an attempt to eat their 3/4 pound hot dog. We made sure to eat breakfast early and lunch at The 'Ho late so we could not hurl too badly if the 3/4 pounder was made of kitty litter and bear grease.

The Westward Ho is sandwiched (geddit? sandwiched? jeez, I kill me...) between Circus Circus and some other mega-casino-resort-playground. It doesn't matter which one because the The 'Ho offers FREE parking for TWO (count 'em!) hours which is roughly enough time to eat and partially digest a hot dog the size of John Holmes.

Inside we go and head for the CHEAP ASS food. $1.49 for the dog (Jan is bummed because she thought it would be 99 cents...but no matter, it's the princlple of the attempt...), 99 cents for the 27 ounce margarita (with about a thimble-full of low-grade tequila hooch), 99 cents also for the VW-hubcap-sized plate of strawberry shortcake and ditto for the bell-of-a-trombone-sized cup of shrimp cocktail.

We decided that rather then spend the rest of the day beaching ourselves near running water, we would give the hot dog a go along with the margarita. One guy who obviously was not getting enough nutrition opted for all four of the delictable treats (neither, nor if you get my drift) and proceeded to EAT THEM ALL right near where we were sitting.

The margarita was weak on the booze ('natch) but as a Slurpee variation, it was decent. So was the hot dog. It was pretty fuckin' huge (see the link above then step back as the page loads...heh) but on the grand scale of hot dog goodness, was pretty tasty although I didn't think so a few hours later while swimming but pure pork products tend to do that.... Jan and I wisely "split" one hot dog with the standard mustard and relish. A couple across from us ordered one each and piled them with sauerkraut and mustard and commenced to being inhaling them at a furious rate. We almost got windburn.

After our delightful repast, we gambled with Tupac Shakur and his buddy at the $3 craps table where I felt like a real "playa" (um, the person not the porch or the beach, I can never remember which...). I won him some money and he gave me some great bro' lovin (not that kind...although....nah, the doo-rag was a bit much). No really, the guy was pretty cool and funny talking to the pit bosses and ordering Hennessey. An afternoon to remember...

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