07.14.2003 (Monday), 07:40 PM

The Cycle

high nosey...er, noise area...please wear hearing protection...

After three three-day weekends in a row with a fourth and longer fifth coming up, the cycle remains the same: rampant depression in the workplace. Especially on Mondays.

The good thing is that there are plenty of distractions and pretty damn good excuses to get the hell away from work earlier and earlier. I suppose my passion for the computer industry is simply not there anymore (maybe it was never there to begin with, I dunno...)--there is literally nothing that is truly interesting. And the remotely interesting stuff is just variations on the same old themes.

So tonight, a large pot of lobster butter was the good reason to get my ass home. We had a lobster feast last night with some friends all in the name of making two pounds of lobster butter. (You can delve into all of the gory, delicious details here.)

The simple act of cooking is the most satisfying to me. There is a real sense of accomplishment there that I don't get at work very much anymore. If you asked me what I did today, I would flatly state that I filtered lobster butter through cheesecloth and heated it gently until all of the water was evaporated.

And oh, those other 9 hours of my life? I was somewhere that was borderline horrible and definitely boring and I'm trying real hard to forget about that. Yeah, I know I'm doing it again tomorrow but by then I'll invent yet another reason to escape and feel the same as I do now.

Posted by wjc