07.23.2003 (Wednesday), 09:31 PM

It's About That Time

it's all about the terminations, baby...

Off to Las Vegas for a few days of nothin' doing doin' nothin'. We're camped up at the faboo Luxor resort for some hot-dry bliss among the cigarette smoke and hair grease.

Recent problems are supposed to melt away with this extened sortie but I have a feeling that, just like the last four self-imposed three-day weekends, this won't have any effect.

As I was sitting in the airport today, all I could think of was the impending axe that was gonna fall on a very big problem that I have (well, now it should be 'had', I suppose) but I wasn't going to be there to witness the carnage. This shit should have happened a year ago when it reared its ugly head far before my time and place. I feel bad for not delivering the cudgel blow myself but there's no GOOD time to take a vacation just as much as there no BAD time to take a vacation. Things could be worse, I could have been searched like I was on Monday...

Posted by wjc