06.13.2003 (Friday), 10:44 AM

Two Tub Man

It's a two for one special...

Howard and I went to see The Dictators last night. It's actually the second time I have seen them in the space of about a year. It took me 25+ years to actually see them the first time being that they formed in 1975.

Without going into their history, they simply ROCKED last night. Even without their one guitar player (who left to start a solo career), they did serious damage. I got to stand right in front (gotta love Bottom Of The Hill for both sound and stage setup) and sing along (more like scream-along as my somewhat raw throat will attest) with all of the new and old songs. Got to meet "Ross The Boss" (their lead guitar slinger) both backstage and on stage with a hearty handshake during the latter. Nice.

Even nicer was the dinner at Tangerine in 16th and Sanchez. Nicer still the fact that I needed a night out and away and I got it.

Posted by wjc