06.13.2003 (Friday), 10:30 AM

Clocking The Clocking Clockers


A good friend has been going through some pretty shitty (but typical) manager stuff and I totally understand. Being a manager myself, I'm all too familiar with the somewhat less than glamourous position both she and I are in.

Whether or not it's personnel issues or simply a lack of trust, the sheer SHIT that one has to put up with in this position is sometimes staggering. It makes me want to buy a huge quantity of pot and continue smoking until I lose consciousness...not that I have *EVER* done that but you get the point. I think.

So yesterday, I was informed that there have been some complaints about me. Nothing really specific, mind you, but that's the nature of people who can't be bothered to realize that they're being dealt with in a way-more-than-fair manner than they ever have been before. Fuck and run or bitch and run...it's the same thing. It's sort of like being on Usenet. So many people abuse their net identity and feel that they have the right to sling any old epithet or insult without fear of reprisal. I can't COUNT the times I have wanted to reach through the network cable with my bare hands and administer a good and thorough throttling. Kill until dead? Yep, that's it. Unfortunately, when done in person, it's another matter. Being professional means that I need to control my throttling urges. If I didn't, I'd probably not be working now.

The whole upshot of this is that these people who have seen fit to complain have diverted me from doing my real job. And really, that doesn't make me mad. It makes me incredibly sad. It all well and good to say "grow the fuck UP" but only if one realizes that the problem is theirs not mine.

Posted by wjc