05.01.2003 (Thursday), 06:36 PM

Bad News Day

And it makes me wonder....

Shit day. Shit week. Shit month. Already.

Actually, being busy is a blessing and a curse. Things rush by so fast that there's little time to notice (or take notice) of things that are happening to other people. Things rush by so fast that you don't have time to notice (or take notice) of things that are happening to other people.

I had people bitching to me today that their life is miserable because others interrupt them constantly. Welcome to hell, boys and girls. You choose to be in the business not the other way around. It's not that I don't have compassion for them, it's just that I care less and less for people who have been "inconvenienced" merely by having to deal with work. It is what it is and as much as anything anybody does to make it better, there are always days that it's going to out-and-out suck. Just fucking deal with it.

On a separate note...it's such a fucking shame that people can't communicate as well as they might or even should. We spend half of the time avoiding broaching subjects because we just know that it's going to cause friction and hurt or upset those who simply aren't ready or can't deal with hearing it. I understand that there is a time and place for conversations especially serious ones involving hurt feelings and other emotional issues but once it goes on too long people who used to be able to communicate (i.e., get along) simply cannot and end up drifting apart. Sometimes it works itself out, sometimes not. I'm always hopeful for the former but fear the latter will always be the case. As far as today goes, I am not hopeful at all...

Posted by wjc