03.21.2003 (Friday), 11:16 PM

Aid And Comfort To The Enemy

"Operation: Iraqi Freedom" in the motherfucking house...

Georgie Sr. couldn't get the job done so his retarded offspring feels the need to avenge dad's honour...

Simply put, Georgie Bush and his fucking band of oil robber barons are getting their way. We are now at war with Iraq and for what? Weapons of mass destruction? Maybe. Liberating a nation from a dictator? Maybe. Liberating a nation from it's oily hidden treasure? Why, yes...that could be it.

The giant sized "fuck you" that George gave to people protesting going into this country and blowing shit up was stunning. "That's what makes America great", says George. "I just have a difference of opinion." Yeah well, you're in charge of the fucking country not a fraternity house, George. Your "difference of opinion" is not causing a pledge to drink a gallon of beer in 60 seconds or less, it is putting everyone in this nation at risk. Everyone that is, except for you and your buddies.

Where does the United States arrogance end? We've labeled several other countries as evil and so will we be doing the same to them? It seems that if W has his way then the answer is yes.

I read a report yesterday that Halliburton will be handling some of the details of the cleanup (oil mop-up is more like it) when and if this is over. Hmmm, Halliburton...isn't that Big Dick Cheney's corrupt company interest? It figures.

Is writing all of this giving aid and comfort to the enemy? No, it's just a difference of opinion. Unfortunately, my difference of opinion doesn't matter to the guys in that big white house...

Posted by wjc