02.09.2003 (Sunday), 04:29 PM

New Software Time...

I cannot tell you how many times I have loaded and reloaded this...

Hmmm...brutal has been offline for a while now. Well, not technically offline but close enough, because I have just been busy with work, holidays and new software. That's right, brutal moved over to the Movable Type set of software for managing all of the files here.

It's pretty slick and is fairly easy to use once you get used to template-izing everything. Still, pretty slick...and to think I used to do this ALL by hand.

It hasn't been easy though...there are lots of files to tweak, styles to modify and transferring of old material. And more tweaking and massaging. Sigh. One must suffer for their site...er, art.

I'm happy that it's taking shape although for reasons too numerous to list here actually seeing the site from where I sit is a PITA (pain in the ass). Update. Reload. Tweak. Reload. Grrrrr.

If you like the new format, drop me a line and tell me. Or not. If something is not working, tell me that too. Or not. The beauty of anonynimity is that you can stew and complain and no one has to hear it except yourself. You do talk to yourself, don't you?

Kudos to Tom, Carol and Meriko for all suggesting I use MT and using it themselves...I'll post their links once things smooth out with this.

Posted by wjc