02.21.2003 (Friday), 12:36 PM

I am NORMAL (redux)

If my heart stops, kick me in the chest...

I haven't been sleeping very well lately. Work pressures, canine health worries as well as my own have added up to a big fat zero on the sleep satisfaction charts.

Perhaps the biggest worry has been the blood test I took on Tuesday. I have been a slug because of work (again, no surprise to those who know me...) and I expected that the cholesterol level would be high...not to mention the effect that the holidays and cooking tons of stuff would have on ye olde bloode sugar. Oy!

So, I saw Dr. Nemirov this morning. He's growing a beard which looks nice, I think. Then he spoke: "You're doing well...". Breathing a collective sigh of relief, I found out that everything about my blood was normal especially with the sugar, cholesterol and pressure door-prizes.

There was one point in my life where I strived to not be normal. Who wanted to be like the rest, I reasoned...no need to be intentionally sheep-ish. But now...well, I guess health should probably be the most normal thing going on as it definitely allows one to be a-normal in other areas.

I ran into Nina last night who always reminds me that normal is a state of one's own being and not what others would have you believe. Nina has a real comfortable air about her which was just the right amount of breath I needed to make this otherwise dismal week into something worth relaxing for...

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