12.06.2002 (Friday), 08:08 PM

The Preparation

Chewin' chocolate...

Just one day away from the big event (well, at least for me) and we're prepping like madmen. Tomorrow is Tom's big Winter Feed a la Poubelle and we're up to our wrists in ground meat. Pork, duck, chicken and the omnipresent fatback. Yep, we're making sausages and forcemeat for pate.

There is a very straight-forward menu this year which has lots of promise and will be a damn fine winter dinner for 40 or so people. Last year was a night of firsts, this year will be a night of experienced, dare I say "seasoned" dishes which are seeing the light of day for the first time in a while.

What I mean is that it's good to get back to basics to an extent because so much is made up of past experience, tastes and memories based on those times when you had the perfect dish, perfect evening, perfect aromas of something simple and soul-warming...like comfort food only on a grand scale. Tomorrow night will almost surely be one of those nights.

Posted by wjc