12.01.2002 (Sunday), 10:00 PM

It's Happening Again

All work and no play make Homer something something.....

Like I thought it wouldn't...

OK, I thought I had escaped the years of working through the holidays at technology companies. The two startups (always obsessed with CES, hmmm, same CEO in both cases, go figure...) always made a push to get something (anything) done, half-baked or not for that magical Las Vegas-ian tower of glittering tech in the sky. Getting back into the mainstream would cure that once and for all, yessiree bob...wrong.

I just spent the holiday weekend working due to the nth software flaw, popping up at the last minute for the nth time and me resenting it for the nth time as well only this time more pissed off than ever that I was right back into working over the holiday hell.

Of course, I only resent it for a day or so just long enough to convince myself that it's the right thing to do and then everything's alright. Only this time it's not right. Whether or not I stay depressed and pissed is another thing. I guess there are worse lots in work life than supporting a small handful of dedicated workers on a four-day weekend who must feel the same as I do. Misery loves company especially when there's enough misery to spread around.

Posted by wjc