10.17.2002 (Thursday), 10:05 PM

The WebTV KK Crew


We walked mostly on the left hand side on our way to Shibuya's Tsuki No Shizuku for a WebTV Japan reunion. Relatively cavernous for Tokyo, Tsuki No Shizuku is a "timed" shabu-shabu restaurant where you get a set of courses that you can keep on ordering more of for up to two hours. It's not exactly all-you-can-eat but you could if you wanted to although there's really no reason to as the courses are quite large and are best enjoyed leisurely.

Not everyone from the original WebTV Japan crew could make it. Koizumi-san (who arranged the party) was there but her husband Kurechi-san was in China on business. Super cool guy Tsunemi-san was there (to wit: Tsunemi-san and I spent the better part of an evening four years ago drunk out of our minds shouting "I AM NORMAL" in a Kamata izakaya until the owner kicked us out). A long haired, very suave and new CEO (and awesome network-dude) Ueno-san came along. Half of the QA and Usability team in Ajiki-san, Nihei-san and Soma-san were there. Noriko couldn't make it--she was feeling under the weather and Maruyama-san was busy with work.

We ate our fill of sashimi, pork shabu-shabu, yuuba (tofu skin) and other delights and washed it down with plenty of beer. After two hours, we moved on to a yakitori place for more food and drink and those small, intimate conversations that a group who worked hard together get to have after an extended effort...even if it was two years after the company was (ahem) absorbed by Microsoft.

It was great to see everyone doing well after our sightly twisted ordeal of creating and running WebTV Japan. Kurechi-san called while we were walking back to the station and we chatted briefly vowing to get together the next time. Again, friends like these are a rarity and I am fortunate to have them.

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