10.10.2002 (Thursday), 08:04 PM

The Day Before The Next One

Last minute rushes...

Tomorrow I embark on my career as a tour guide for my friend Les in Tokyo. Rushing around here, as is usual the night before a long flight, is not as bad as it usually is. Things are falling into place. I'm filling my Palm Pilot with as much data as possible and the suitcase is not quite full yet.

I haven't made this trip in three years since I stopped working for WebTV Japan so I feel a bit rusty. When I used to go every two months, I fell into a routine and could make the trip practically in my sleep. There's something good, I suppose, about not following a routine and hopefully it will prove fruitful, learning-wise, this time.

I have also spent the past three months studying Japanese with a private tutor because I felt that twenty years of on-and-off studying was just silly. If I'm serious abut learning the language then I might as well get down to it. Mako-sensei says I'll be just fine as long as I remember what the subject is. I don't know...I think I'll cram my textbook into the carry-on bag just in case.

By the time we get there, it will be Saturday afternoon and we'll be dead tired and looking for food and sleep. One week in Tokyo without being on a business trip is going to be weird. Somehow, I think I'll manage...

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