10.16.2002 (Wednesday), 10:04 PM

Shoplifting With Shelley at Tokyu Hands

Natto spaghetti...

It's like old home week here in Japan as Shelley and Richard are in Tokyo. Shelley is a performance partner (as well as a best friend) of mine who is from England but lived in Japan for several years. I met her there through a mutual friend. I did my first live performance as Anal Sadist with her nearly ten years ago (10/18/92) in Tokyo at a miniscule Shinjuku nightclub called Theater Poo.

We planned the show for months, as she arranged the venue and gathered props, and we spent the day of the show rehearsing and shoplifting. Um...well, we didn't really *intend* to shoplift it's just that the store, Tokyu Hands, thought we paid and never really rung us up. We bought a giant-sized piece of translucent Perspex (Plexiglas) that was custom drilled. As we walked away from the store, we discovered that neither of us paid for it but kept on walking anyway.

We got together with Shelley and Richard and their friend Hibiki-san in Shimokitazawa. Shelley is friends with a person who owns three izakayas there and we ended up at one of them (Mother's was the name of it--here's a page with the hammered copper sculpture inside one of the other izakayas called Mother's Ruin similar to the ones in Mother's) and ate and drank our way into oblivion. We had natto spaghetti which was the hit of the night, at least for Les and I who love the stinky stuff.

Shelley and Richard and I got together last year in Las Vegas just after the 9/11 bombast and it was just not a good time for me with all of what was going on in both the world and with work. This night more than made up for it as all cares and troubles were set aside for one night and we did a proper catching up. A third friendship originated in Japan further cemented into our collective histories.

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